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NAREDCO Foundation Day 2023

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The National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO) was established in 1998 as an autonomous self-regulatory national body under the patronage of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India. Shri Ram Jethmalani, the then Hon’ble Union Minister of Urban Affairs and Employment, played a pivotal role in its establishment. "Shri Hardeep Singh Puri, Hon’ble Union Minister for Housing and Urban Affairs, Govt. of India, serves as the Chief Patron of NAREDCO, with Shri Rajan Bandelkar as President, Shri Parveen Jain as Chairman, and Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani as Vice-Chairman". NAREDCO aims to uplift and streamline the Indian realty sector, providing a legitimate platform for the government, real estate industry, and general public to address concerns and find effective solutions. The organization aims to raise the standards of operations related to building, construction, and marketing in the real estate sector, while participating in the formulation of national policies for fiscal reforms and boosting economic development by acting as a catalyst in the Indian real estate industry.

As NAREDCO enters its 25th year of inception, it intends to step up its efforts to bring about transformational changes in the real estate sector, by addressing the challenges faced by the industry, promoting financial stability, and strengthening skilling initiatives. NAREDCO has also launched NAREDCO Nextgen and NAREDCO Mahi to provide a platform for young budding real estate & professionals and women entrepreneurs to share, network, and learn about the emerging trends in the field of innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity. It has also formed a NAREDCO Finance Committee to address financial challenges being faced by the real estate industry. NAREDCO has also started National Institute of Real Estate Development (NIRED), a unique initiative to provide training and skill development opportunities to the real estate workforce, and act as a research station on real estate matters.

NAREDCO has been instrumental in fostering growth and development in the Indian real estate sector by organizing various events aimed at promoting excellence and maintaining high standards. Its efforts have significantly contributed to the overall progress of the industry. NAREDCO is committed to implement the Govt. initiated programmes and policies and committed towards India achieving 5 trillion USD economy by 2025.


Over the past twenty-five years, NAREDCO has grown exponentially, shaping the landscape of the real estate industry and advocating for its sustainable development. As we prepare to commemorate this momentous achievement, it is a time for reflection, appreciation, and setting a vision for the future.

National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO) is celebrating the 25th Foundation Day Silver Jubilee in Hyderabad on 26th August, 2023, which is going to be a significant event for unlocking the future potential of the real estate sector.

The event aims to bring together a diverse group of individuals, including eminent dignitaries, government officials, leaders from the real estate industry, emerging business pioneers, and subject matter experts under one roof.

Among the participants expected to attend are heads of central and state government bodies, ministries, departments, and implementation agencies. The Foundation Day also aims to engage key officials and bureaucrats involved in the real estate sector, leaders from banking and financial institutions, digital and construction technologists, and private sector developers.

The primary objective of this Silver Jubilee celebration is to realize the journey and significant achievements, foster collaboration and deliberation among the participants, with a focus on developing strategies and insightful solutions to future-proof the real estate sector in India. The event will provide a platform for sharing knowledge, expertise, and best practices, enabling stakeholders to collectively address the challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

Through panel discussions, keynote speeches, interactive sessions, and networking opportunities, the event will facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences, encouraging innovative thinking and forward-looking approaches. The discussions will revolve around various aspects of the real estate sector, including policy frameworks, regulatory reforms, technological advancements, sustainable development practices, financing options, and market trends.

By harnessing the collective wisdom of industry leaders and experts, NAREDCO aims to drive positive change in the real estate sector, enabling it to adapt and thrive in the dynamic and evolving landscape. The event outcomes and recommendations will help shape the future trajectory of the industry, guiding stakeholders towards a more resilient, inclusive, and future-ready real estate sector in India.


  • Union Ministers, Senior Government Officials

  • RERA Chairpersons from Different States

  • Policy makers, Bureaucrats and Authorities

  • Top Officials from Real Estate Companies (MDs / CEOs / Purchase Heads)

  • Banks, Private Equity Funds, Pension Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Asset Management Companies, Investment Banks, Housing Finance Companies, Non-Banking Finance, Microfinance Institutions

  • Architects, Engineers, Construction Contractors, Designers, Professional Services, Technology Providers,

  • Building Material Suppliers and Urban Planners



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Sector-6, Kama Koti Marg,

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