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NAREDCO NEXT GEN has been conceived for empowering young entrepreneurs and encouraging participation of youth in the real estate sector and allied fields. NEXT GEN strives to create an environment where youth in real estate sector can come together: to share experiences, harness their skills, draw on their resources, influence, grow together and bring about lasting change. NAREDCO NEXT GEN would ensure active engagement of members with other stakeholders in the sector and works towards the development and growth of the sector, with due recognition for the contribution of the youth in the sector.

Jay Morzaria 



To be an arm of NAREDCO in promoting the interest of NEXTGEN and budding entrepreneurs  in real estate as well as supplement  and compliment NAREDCO in furthering the interest of the real estate industry.

To be a representative body of young entrepreneurs in real estate and address their concern by taking up their matter with appropriate authority for resolution.

To act as a bridge between the members and different sectors of real estate industry for promoting the business interest of it members.


The vision of NEXTGEN is to promote real estate industry among the youth and showcase the industry that's today's youth are future experience player in this sector.


  • To provide a platform to young entrepreneurs in real estate sector to realize their ambition and potential.
  • To support young Entrepreneurs to grow their business in sustainable manner and introducing them to opportunities for forward and backward integration.
  • To identify and strengthen youth role in the development of real estate sector.
  • Promotion and encouragement of co-operation among all members dealing with and engaged in various aspects of real estate development.
  • Participation in the formulation of national policies and agenda in real estate development and fiscal forms.
  •  To organize Seminars, Conferences, Exhibitions, Overseas Delegations, Open House Discussions, Expert Talk's, Industrial Visits and training Programming etc. on the subjects relating to youth and their economical betterment.
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