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Redefining The Design Of ‘Luxury’
Accommodation Times  |  May 31, 2019

Amit Parsuramka

The ever-growing issue of space crunch in cities has led to the redefinition of the word ’luxury’ in urban settings. To accommodate the demands of the urban customer, the concept of ‘Vertical Luxury’ is being gradually accepted across the world. Cities such as Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore etc. are known for their gorgeous skylines with rising skyscrapers. According to research by Point2 Homes, a real estate listing site, Toronto is currently developing 80 new residential and mixed-use skyscraper projects. India too has been working towards growing upwards rather than outwards.


Developers in metros are now working towards maximum space utilization while providing an exclusive experience to consumers. Unlike earlier when luxury living in India was predominantly about spacious homes that covered significant horizontal area, builders are now focusing on addressing the rising issue of space crunch by creating luxury within vertical homes. It is this concept of limited space in the form of vertical apartments, bungalows and villas that have captured the imagination of architects and builders.


The vertical homes are intelligently designed spaces that provide utility and convenience to home buyers. In addition, offering an exclusive experience to homebuyers through the seamless integration of technology with living. Hence, redefining ‘luxury’ that is no more just about the price tag but beyond. The concept has been attracting the attention of home buyers and builders across the globe as a solution to the challenges of housing in a rising urban population.


To incorporate ‘exclusivity’ for connoisseurs, these homes are being developed with amenities such as gyms, plunge pools, underground basement, community clubhouse, and much more. Assimilating technological innovations such as anti-theft alarms, motion-sensor lighting, remote-controlled garage and private elevators add to the property’s luxury quotient. Not just vertical buildings, but vertical villas too are being developed with a similar kind of approach.


Get-togethers in the living room, barbeque parties in the private garden, a lounge session in the basement etc. are all a possibility in these villas. Debunking the myth that vertical development would be stuffy and cramped up, developers today are delivering a uber-luxurious living experience that does not demand the customers to compromise their expectations. With a pure consumer-led approach, these homes provide the answer to not only the growing urban space sprawl but redefine the architectural approach to luxury.


Intelligently designed vertical homes to inspire a spacious look and feel. Moreover, the added amenities and benefits have led to an increased demand for such homes. Such innovative designs prove that the developers today are not ready to compromise with customer centricity. Hence, giving a further push to the constant innovation in the real estate industry- which is the priority for all stakeholders. The Government too is playing their part in the same by creating demand within the industry through various policies, schemes and tax rebate.


(By Amit Parsuramka, Senior Vice President & Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Tata Housing and CRM Head Tata Realty)